Marshmallow & Chocolate Strawberries

Marshmallow & Chocolate Strawberries

I bought a new little nifty torch and I was trying to come up with other ways to use it beside creme brulee and this was one of the way I use mine.  My kids line up to get their strawberry, it make a great treat! Plus you can make only one if you need a quick sugar fix.


You will notice on my blog that we really like strawberries!  Maybe like is not the best word it’s more like LOVE!  So to make this I stab a strawberry with a fork in the leaves and dip the strawberry in Marshmallow Cream, twirling it around until the bottom of the strawberry is covered.  Then I just take my torch and roast it to desired roast.  Finally just drizzle with Chocolate! It’s that simple and it only takes a minute!

Note: Strawberries have to be dry when you put them in the marshmallow cream or it does not stick.

Marhmallow & Chocolate Strawberry


Marshmallow Cream
Chocolate (I use milk chocolate)
Strawberries (fresh)



Dip dry strawberry in marshmallow cream and torch until desired roast then drizzle with chocolate.

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